Europrosan Spa


Protecting the environment has become a global priority, and it has always been a priority of Europrosan

Europrosan has always been committed to the reduction and correct handling of packaging and production waste, almost entirely recycled by specialised companies.

Since 2003, Europrosan has been operating through an Environmental Management System, compliant with ISO 14001.

In 2009, we installed a latest-generation air and dust filter system in the production units to improve the health conditions of the production departments and eliminate any type of emissions into the atmosphere.

In 2010, we installed a photovoltaic panel system for a power output of 179 kW which became operative in June 2011

Since 2019 Europrosan has been installing state-of-the-art equipment and machinery whilst various production processes have been revamped, thus reducing the impact of plastic components in finished products and improving logistical savings and solutions in the distribution chain.

Latest results concerning sustainability

100% Green Energy

In 2020, we signed an agreement with our current electricity supplier to purchase 100% green energy from January 1, 2021. This means that all our production is now done exclusively through the supply of green energy, i.e. produced entirely from renewable sources.

This special supply is identified by the “100% GREEN A2A” trademark which guarantees the origin of the source used.

Climate Neutral

In 2020, Europrosan delegated a Climate Partner to assess the environmental impact of the production site in terms of the quantity of CO2 produced.

Once the emissions produced had been quantified by the Climate Partner, it became immediately clear that much of it was generated by the high purchase of electricity, which is normally from mixed sources (coal, natural gas, petroleum products, nuclear).

At this point, after completing a purchase agreement for 100% “green” energy, Europrosan then took a second important step by deciding to support a project for the total compensation of CO2 produced by its production site.

This project is certified and recognised worldwide, resulting in Europrosan becoming a climate neutral company in 2021.