Europrosan Spa


Why choose us?

The need to maintain adequate hygiene of the guest responds both to the individual need to keep the body clean, pleasant and with decorum, and to the need to prevent and alleviate problems caused by the quality of the hygiene.

For this reason, Europrosan provides the experience of its own specialised personnel that can guide the healthcare facilities in the choice of the most suitable products for their needs. In addition to the vast offering of medical devices for both adults and children, in 2020 Europrosan has developed a new line of products specifically for personal care and hygiene, the brand IGEA MED®, with Bamboo as the active ingredient.

Lastly, Europrosan offers, while keeping the price extremely competitive, a studio for the furnishing design of the individual bed as well as the furnishing of the entire facility, with personalised delivery, assembly and rendering.