Europrosan Spa

Our history

After the end of the Second World War, the Caldiroli family began specialising in the manufacture of machines for producing hygiene products, gaining worldwide recognition and appreciation.

Given the success of this machinery, in 1983, the Caldiroli family decided to set up EUROPROSAN S.p.A, using their own machines to initially produce baby nappies, then women’s sanitary pads and finally, adult incontinence pants.

Europrosan is now one of the most specialised and modern companies in Italy in the production of disposable medical devices. The excellent quality of Europrosan S.p.A. products, plus the competitive prices and vast range of articles are appreciated both inside and outside Italy, with its own proprietary brands, FLUFSAN®, BASIC PLUS®, NOVA®, FIDELITY®, TUKIT®, offered in over thirty countries, along with private labels.

In 2020, Europrosan added the IGEA MED® brand product line to its catalogue, specifically for personal care and hygiene.

Europrosan is based in Marnate – Varese, on a site occupying 17,000 square metres, of which 10,000 are covered.


The company holds a number of certifications to provide the end consumer with the highest guarantee of quality and reliability.

100% greenclimate natural

The in-house quality control laboratory monitors the products throughout the production process. It checks the finished product performance using ISO and MDS methods and makes sure that it meets the required quality standards.


EUROPROSAN is constantly on the lookout for new projects which involve the production site, raw materials and product range. The company also takes great care over its environmental impact with research aimed at reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere and using environmentally friendly raw materials.

EUROPROSAN is attentive to the demands of the national and international market and people who buy incontinence products, offering a complete range of products for all needs.

Today, awareness of the problem is increasingly widespread and disposable products are also adapting to the customer’s request for “security” and “discretion”.

our products are aimed at:

Men and women


Professional figures

Private companies

Incontinence is not just a “health” issue; it also affects a growing number of active people. EUROPROSAN also dedicates its resources and specialised technology to these people as well. There are now, in fact, more and more people with incontinence-related disorders who live their lives normally, still travel or work, compared to traditional “patients” being treated in hospitals or nursing homes.


Leonardo Abruzzo
Minibike rider

Europrosan S.p.A. is proud to sponsor, through its brand IGEA MED , the young minibike rider Leonardo Abruzzo.

Notwithstanding his very young age, his results are already noteworthy!
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